Frequently sourced by the media Igor's broad appeal ranges from interviews in The New York Times to talk show appearances on CNN, to columns for magazines and radio stations.

He has been described as “new breed of trendwatcher” by Bloomberg TV, “walking marketing Wikipedia” by Global TV, “futurist with a vision” by The Guardian and “the rockstar of marketing speakers” by Speakers Academy.

Media appearances as expert, anchor or host for your new talk show or spicy columns - on a variety of topics - can be delivered in English or Dutch.

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Being a professional speaker with over 1,000 international keynotes on his belt, Igor developed 20+ keynotes and masterclasses full of trends, cases, actionable insights and disruptive business ideas.

To make the life of event planners, brands and press easier, Igor and his team are organized,
on-budget and easy to work with. You can use below assets do it once and right.

After your booking, Igor’s manager will send you his rider and his briefing form so Igor and his team of analysts can start the preparations for your event.


Being an authority and influencer on emerging trends in marketing, media and innovation, Igor uses the extensive reach of his e-mail list and social media (100,000+ followers) to promote your event.

You can use Igor’s bio and photos for flyers, websites and invitations. At the event the local press can interview Igor. Use his presence to boost your earned media attention and content marketing.

After the event you can distribute the hand-out of Igor’s keynote to your event attendees, partners and sponsors. Dedicated video brochures, booklets or magazines can be produced on request.

Leading voice on emerging marketing, media, tech &amps; trends