Igor is an award winning strategist who is connected and always one step ahead. With stunning results at listed firms and a track record as serial entrepreneur he drives innovation and growth.

As global chief strategy officer at WPP Igor used actionable social and big-data insights to win new markets for Nike and Unilever. Coin new methods to make your marketing ROI groundbreaking too.

His strategic advice is pragmatic, tangible and actionable. Which is the reason Igor consulted for 25 of the Fortune 500 companies and is a board member at revolutionary media, tech and retail firms.

The unique blend of corporate and street smart makes Igor an authority with a sixth sense for inventing disruptive new business models. The ones that will shake-up your marketplace.

Helping out CEOs, CMOs and CIOs Igor learned that old economy corporates struggle to adapt to new business models in time. While new entrants without legacy are flexible, creative and inventive.

That's why master blender Igor created the 'corporate garage' or 'startup on request' program.
This blend of corporate power and startup flexibility has delivered stunning results for large brands.

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