igor beuker

Category: Retail & eCommerce

The retail industry must understand that we are living in a crucial moment in history – a turning point for the world. We have entered the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Experts also call it the era of Digital Darwinism: adapt to change, or die.
Most established brands and Fortune 500s understand that they require next-level change and reinvention now. So now is the time for a radical strategy and bold forward-thinking.
Blockbuster, Kodak, Nokia, ToysRUs, and many other established retail brands all have spent billions on advertising and backward-looking market research, and millions on consultancy. Still, they lost.
Trends, technologies, consumers, and society evolve faster than established brands can adapt. The retail apocalypse is caused by mindset and culture. The question is: Why do so many retailers go through a long, painful period of denial before they really accept it’s adapt or die?
Is it really eCommerce or the Amazon-effect? Or retail’s lack of customer centricity? Most retail chains only know 30-50% of their customers. So, good luck with your advanced CRM and Omnichannel retail strategy.
The award-winning marketing innovation framework I use: Mad Men vs. Math Men – Advertising may win quarters, innovation wins decades.