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Imagining the Future of Big-Data


Big-Data and data-driven brands offer numerous benefits to businesses, including improved decision-making, increased efficiency, better customer service, and higher returns on investment.


Data-driven decisions are based on facts and insights from analyzing large amounts of data. This can identify patterns, trends, and opportunities that might be missed.


Additionally, data-driven brands can generate more accurate predictions and forecasts, enabling companies to plan better for future growth. Businesses can reduce costs, minimize risks, and maximize profits using data-driven strategies. You might also like humanity & social innovation and retail & commerce.


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The Secret To Data Driven Integrated Digital Marketing. By Pro Speaker, Author & Awakener Igor Beuker

The Secret To Data Driven Integrated Digital Marketing

Igor Beuker - February 10, 2015

Most CMOs and their agencies are still thinking in terms of advertising campaigns instead of data-driven integrated digital marketing programs. Mad Men CMOs. We hear them roar on a quarterly, monthly, or sometimes weekly...

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