Igor Beuker is an energetic professional communicator with a proven track record as keynote speaker and host, award-winning marketing strategist for global brands like Nike, Amazon, L’Oréal and Unilever, new-breed trendwatcher for Fortune 500s, serial entrepreneur with multiple exits on his belt, and angel investor.

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Kicked out of professional football and transformed from a college dropout into a radical marketing visionary and modern-day serial entrepreneur. He has become one of the prominent speakers in the international business speaking circuit. Meet a Math Man with a purpose.

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With over 1,000 talks, a renowned professional keynote speaker and host who appears on countless television and radio shows as an independent expert voice on emerging trends in marketing, media, and innovation. Audiences love his authentic, bold, charismatic and witty personality.

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His radical vision saved and made brands billions. His sixth sense for digital made him millions in exits. That’s why some of the world’s most powerful brands and media companies rely on his award-winning marketing expertise. He will boost your digital transformation and acceleration.

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Leading brands like Nike, Starbucks and L’Oréal explore the trends through Igor’s Math Man lens. They rely on his trend-forecasting methodology and data-driven decision-making framework to fuel their trend-driven, opportunity-seizing innovation culture. Meet a new-breed trendwatcher.

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“Advertising may win quarters, innovation wins decades.”

Master Classes

As a strategic growth entrepreneur and guest teacher at leading universities, Igor has helped established brands to outperform industries, conquer markets and realize double-digit growth. His series of game-changing in-company master classes brings big brands back on track fast.

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With his radical marketing vision and his bold independent voice, Igor is frequently sourced by the media to spice up their TV, radio, newspaper or magazine piece. His 100,000+ social media followers are proof that his opinion matters. He is ready to explore opportunities to spread his voice further and faster.

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Igor’s reliable, independent and outspoken voice covers emerging trends in marketing, media and innovation in Math Man Magazine. Opinionated stories with a bite, not just news. Get ready to explore the limitless business trends of the 21st century.