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Seaspiracy Controversial Oceans Documentary Netflix - IGOR-BEUKER-KEYNOTE-SPEAKER

Go See Seaspiracy: The Controversial Oceans Documentary On Netflix

Igor Beuker - March 31, 2021

Being a social innovation speaker and an ocean activist, I couldn’t wait to see Seaspiracy – the controversial Oceans documentary on Netflix. Seaspiracy is not only exposing the global fishing industry and slavery in...

Humanity & Social Innovation

The Space Economy: Modern-Day Gold Rush 100x Bigger Than Bitcoin

Igor Beuker - February 23, 2018

The Space Economy is a modern-day gold rush 100 times bigger than Bitcoin. Asteroid mining will create a multitrillion-dollar industry. So, I was surprised to see that the leading business magazines didn’t take their...

Marketing & Innovation
Wearable In Travel: KLM Launches Android Smartwatch App - by Igor Beuker, Pro Public Speaker, Author & Awakener

Wearable In Travel: KLM Launches Android Smartwatch App

Igor Beuker - March 11, 2015

Ready for take-off? KLM is showcasing brands how wearable tech and the smartwatch can be helping and hyping at the same time. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has just launched a trial with Android smartwatch...

Smart Wearable Technology