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Igor Beuker Award-winning Marketing & Business Consultant



Some of the world’s most powerful brands and media companies rely on Igor’s award-winning marketing expertise. Why?

We all know. No one was ever fired for hiring IBM. Or McKinsey. However, we are living in a crucial moment in history – a turning point for the world. We have entered the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Experts also call it the era of Digital Darwinism: adapt to change, or die.

Most established brands and Fortune 500s understand that they require next-level change and reinvention now. So now is the time for a radical strategy and bold forward-thinking.

Today, survival of the fittest, acceleration and exponential growth are all about breaking with the status quo. Now is the time to break the rules. Time to think beyond IBM.

We all know. Blockbuster, Kodak, Nokia and many other established brands all have spent billions on advertising and backward-looking market research, and millions on consultancy. Still, they lost.

What sets Igor apart in a world full of stagnating corporate consultancy firms?

It might be his Math Man vision on trends, which have made and saved brands billions. It might be his sixth sense for digital disruption, which have made him millions in exits.

Igor doesn’t just see, talk or write about trends, he coins them.

It could be his deep understanding of CMOs, since he has been one for over 10 years. It could be his ruthless ways to drive acceleration and exponential growth.

Igor might just be a safer bet than IBM, which is clearly struggling with its own transformation.

“Advertising may win quarters, innovation wins decades.” The track record of a Math Man in a world of MAD MEN.

For most of his life, Igor has been a strategic growth entrepreneur who helps brands to coin trends, outperform industries, conquer markets and realize double-digit growth.

In 25 years’ experience at C-level, Igor has advised more than 100 established brands and Fortune 500s, including award-winning strategies for Nike, Amazon, L’Oréal and Unilever.

As CMO for listed firms (10 years), Igor’s marketing strategies were backed by a multi-billion-dollar corporate track record. Next, he founded 3 multi-million-dollar marketing firms from scratch, which leading media network WPP (NASDAQ: WPPGY) acquired for double digits.

As global strategy director for WPP, Igor’s radical Math Man vision and bold forward-thinking transformed many established brands that required next-level change and reinvention.

Audiences respect his track record as influential marketer and entrepreneur. With 2,500+ talks, Igor is one of the most prominent marketing speakers in the business speaking circuit.

Countless television and radio shows, newspapers and business magazines have featured Igor’s independent expert voice on emerging trends in marketing, media, and innovation.

Besides being a guest teacher at universities, he delivers a series of game-changing marketing master classes and he is a board member at revolutionary retail, tech and media firms.

When the CEOs, CMOs, CIOs or CDOs of leading brands, media, tech and entertainment companies require top-tier strategic consulting, they rely on Igor’s Math Man vision. Why?

Because they trust this recognized authority with his sixth sense for inventing disruptive new marketing and ARPU-models, digital transformation, trend-driven innovation, and acceleration.

Examples of business challenges that could be a match made in heaven

If you are a brand like Nike and want to move away from heavy traditional advertising, towards a model that is more content-driven, personalized, engaged and focused on consumer dialogue.

If you are a brand like Unilever and want to win the APAC markets with a data-driven community marketing strategy, amplified by the highest possible ROI on your POE-media strategy.

If you want to be like Amazon and want to become an ARPU-focused and CRM-driven predictive marketing powerhouse that is growing its revenues, profits and shareholder value.

If you are ready to be like L’Oréal and want to beat your competition with a dedicated trend-driven corporate innovation framework, launching your own ‘startups on request’ aka ‘corporate garages’.

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