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Rolling Stone is the iconic American monthly magazine focusing on music, politics, and pop culture.
It was founded in San Francisco, California, in 1967. Igor has been a loyal reader for decades.

When Rolling Stone Culture Council invited Igor in 2021 to become a member and join influential
leaders on the cutting edge of what's new in culture - Igor embraced the opportunity.

Explore Igor's Rolling Stone Culture Council member page.

Rolling Stone Culture Council is a private, vetted community for influencers, tastemakers, and innovators in the worlds
of music, entertainment, media, food & beverage, fashion, sports, gaming, and cannabis.

Collaborative Stories by the Rolling Stone Culture Council

We believe in collaborative ecosystems, not ego systems. Below, Rolling Stone Culture Council members share
their expertise to help business leaders go big, niche, or home.

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Other Signature Stories by Igor Beuker

In an era of uncertainty and rapid technological change, there is a great need for seers who do not shy away from answering the question:
What will the world look like in 2050? Igor is notorious for his sixth sense and radical vision on trends.
With his prediction accuracy rate of 84%, Igor is frequently sourced by the media and a headliner speaker for leading brands and events.

Igor is driven to solve the world's biggest challenges through social innovation. A misfit on a mission, pushing big dreams
into action, spurring massive cultural and technological change.

He inspires millions of social entrepreneurs, brands, and misfits to become a force for good.
In our newsroom, you can see Igor in action with Sir Richard Branson, Novak Djokovic, and Max Verstappen.

Topics, Style & Speaking Formats

As an independent professional, Igor can speak with boundless energy and authority on anything related to
marketing, media, leadership, entrepreneurship, education, Industry 4.0, exponential technologies,
trends, social innovation, digital transformation, and acceleration.

Participants praise his style, boldness, and authenticity in evaluations. Audiences describe him as
"Burning Man meets TED" for a reason. Igor is a charismatic, witty rockstar and cause artist.

With 22 years on global stages and screens, Igor can be the host your show, your headline keynote speaker,
guest in your fireside chat or podcast show.

Signature & Most Booked Talks

  • The Impact of Industry 4.0
  • Mad Men vs. Math Men
  • Purposeful branding & marketing
  • Imagination sparks social innovation
  • Cause artists & athletes can change the world

Booking the Burning Man

Igor is available for a select number of global speaking engagements per year.
All our speaking fees go into our social fund that already backs 24 social start-ups.

Start Imagining The Future

Tell us about your brand and event, when and where it will occur. We will share Igor's availability and the
best matching talk for you from our wide range of speaking services.

We produce and present funky business shows in partnership with leading B2B and media brands.
Request our media kit via our contact form. Whoever said B2B was supposed to be Boring2Boring?

The fast lane is for news media and journalists. We understand your need for speed.
We can tell you if Igor is available, on stage, in a fusty recording studio, or up in the air for 12 hours.

Guest list access is for consulting, strategy, futurism, M&A, and board member invitations.