igor beuker
With 100,000+ social media followers, Igor’s opinion matters!



Looking for an independent expert opinion on emerging trends in marketing, media and innovation or digital transformation? Look no further.

After 2,500 talks, Igor is known for his foresight on trends and technologies that impact business, economy, and society. Being an independent expert, his bold and accessible style makes him perfectly suited to support your media efforts. And his 100,000 social media followers are proof that his opinions matter.

Need to find a resource to spice up your TV, newspaper, radio or magazine piece? Igor will offer you a view unlike any other in the industry. He’s been on both sides of the fence: entrepreneur and C-level executive, and consultant who shows legacy brands why being the incumbent is increasingly becoming the worst place to be.

Looking for an insightful guest writer? Igor’s entrepreneurial and storytelling track record set him apart from other reporters or journalists entering his field because he has a variety of storytelling skills outside speaking live on stage or in front of a camera. Igor has learned the skills of data-driven business journalism. The reason he is a guest writer for Business Insider and other leading business media.

What will you get when you interview Igor?

A bold and bad-ass independent voice who’s worked for all the big names, but isn’t afraid to point out all their shortcomings. A serial entrepreneur who’s learned to thrive in the age of Digital Darwinism, where adaptation is life. And a Math Man in the world of Mad Men: applying the latest technologies and algorithms to transform businesses
into future-proof leaders.

In 150 international talks per year, Igor shares his knowledge and expertise in entertaining and engaging ways. In his countless media features, he shares his insights and offers game-changing strategies. Online, he entices and provokes his followers to see innovation as the way to change the world. And he’ll do the same for you.

What won’t you get when you work with Igor?

You won’t get boring, backward-looking market research. You won’t get standard platitudes or obvious generalizations. You won’t get unsubstantiated claims or inaccurate assumptions. You won’t get anything you don’t need. And you most certainly won’t get bored readers and viewers.

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