During the Deep Tech Atelier conference 2021 in Riga, Latvia, I was pleased to be their headline keynote speaker. The entrepreneurship conference is focused on science commercialization, Med-Tech, Space-Tech, and Startups.

Deep Tech Atelier 2021 was a virtual conference live-streamed to 40+ countries. The conference is hosted by Latvia’s Investment and Development Agency (LIAA).

People, for the first time here, might think: Who are you? And why do you do what you do?

Well, I was kicked out of professional football and expelled from University. Back at ground zero at age 25. Meet a misfit on a mission.

25 years later, I am pushing big dreams into action, spurring massive cultural and technological change, and inspiring millions of entrepreneurs to be a force of good. I’m a futurist, public speaker, and a cause artist. I have made 5 exits, and I back 24 social enterprises.

I love to launch Tech to do good and NFT to do good programs for artists, athletes, brands, and events. We help them move beyond Fans on Lease and own their IP and fan relationships.

In this summary, we release our keynote special for you. Get inspired by four pieces of video content. All are released at once in this story.

What can you learn from this series of talks?

Get inspiration and ideas to help you achieve your goals, conquer your fears, and live your dreams.

Your life and business transformation could start here.

Go get them!

Deep Tech Atelier Conference Special – Headline Keynote Speaker Igor Beuker

Keynote Speaker Igor Beuker - Fireside Chat - Deep Tech Atelier Conference

Do we start the special with a controversial content snippet: The Great Reset or the Great Acceleration? Technology can empower or control society. If you can imagine the future, you can create it. What do we want?

The censoring of content during the pandemic by the big tech syndicate is a severe threat to our modern-day society and democracies. We think beyond fans on lease and cut the intermediaries out of our fan relationships.

Next, you can watch my opening keynote speech: Acceleration in an era of chaos and change – a story about how brands and businesses can coin the trends and the exponential technologies of the 21st.

In my closing keynote speech, Imagination Sparks Social Innovation, I take the worldwide audience on a journey to explore human-inspired social innovation and social entrepreneurship. How can we use tech to do good?

In the fireside chat, we discussed my future vision of work, humanity, and society. The audience asked some sophisticated questions in the Ask Me Anything session.

The Great Reset or The Great Acceleration – Technology Can Empower or Control Society

In this keynote highlight, I talk about: Build Back Better, The Great Reset vs. The Great Acceleration. One billion people live in poverty, but 2 billion people are overweight/obese? What is the sum of global healthcare?


Which morals, values, ethics, and purpose-driven leadership do we need to create a brighter future? How will we deal with this pandemic? How will we deal with climate change? How will we protect our freedom of speech and our democracies?

How will we deal with mainstream media and big tech? What are the dangers of surveillance societies, social credit apps, and totalitarian regimes?

Acceleration in an Era of Chaos and Change – Coin the Trends of the 21st Century

In this keynote speech, I shared my future foresight on the impact of Industry 4.0 on trends and technologies that will shake up brands, businesses, countries, and humanity as we know it.


Who will be the winners and losers? How can you coin the trends and realize exponential growth?

This time it’s Digital Darwinism: A revolution, not an evolution theory. Coming 3 decades, humanity will change more than in the previous 300 years.

Imagination Sparks Social Innovation – Find Your True North Star

In this keynote speech, I speak about human-inspired social innovation. How can we apply social innovation and social entrepreneurship to create a cleaner, better, brighter future?


About true purpose-driven leadership and doing good versus Green-washing and Hollywood purpose bullshit marketing?  I yearly inspire millions of people around the globe to make business a force of good.

Fireside Chat & AMA – Your Life and Business Transformation Starts Here

In this fireside chat followed by an ask me anything session,we spoke about achieving your goals, conquering your fears, and living your dreams.


About being a space kid and space technology, mindset and screenagers, the future of work and education, robots and AI, and the power of ancient intelligence, and how misfits can change the world.

Thank you for the interview and great questions, moderator Artis Ozoliņš.

Deep Tech Atelier – Other Med Tech & Space Keynote Speakers Worth Watching

I enjoyed several other keynote speakers during the conference. The keynote speech, The Space revolution – a history and manifesto by Rick Tumlinson, Chairman of SpaceFund and EarthLight Foundation was inspiring.


Rick speaks about the future of commercial space flights and how space tech can help humanity.

A very inspiring med-tech keynote speech How digital tribes are shaping the future of medicine, was delivered by Dr. Ashkan Fardost.

Go to the Deep Tech Atelier conference site to explore them all.

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We all know the mainstream media is often full of propaganda and bribed journalism. Big Tech makes it even worse with its content censoring, fake fact-checkers, and fading social channels to black. Should I add #fansonlease, walled gardens, and squeezing artists like lemons to the toxic social media list?

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Read my recent article in Rolling Stone magazine about cause artists and athletes.

About the Author

In the spotlights, Igor Beuker is a top marketing innovation keynote speaker and futurist known for his foresight on trends and technologies that impact business, economy, and society. Behind the scenes, a serial entrepreneur with 5 exits and an angel investor in 24 social startups. Board member at next-level media firms, changemaker at Rolling Stone Culture Council, Hollywood sci-fi think tank pioneer, award-winning marketing strategist for Amazon, L’Oréal, Nike, and a seer for Fortune 500s, cities, and countries.

In the spotlights, Igor Beuker is a professional public speaker and futurist known for his foresight on trends and technologies that impact business, economy, and society. Behind the scenes, a social entrepreneur with 5 exits and angel investments in 24 social startups, an award-winning marketing strategist for brands like Amazon, L’Oréal, Nike, and Unilever, and a seer for Fortune 500s, organizations, foundations, and governments.