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Imagining The Future Of Humanity & Social Innovation


Misfits who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.


Cause artists, cause athletes, spiritual activists, social entrepreneurs, and impact investors constantly look at the world around them and imagine possibilities — just like futurists do. You could call them purpose-driven leaders with a true North Star.


While so many may see them as the crazy ones, I see genius. Misfits who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. They can change things.


Cause artists and athletes are misfits who genuinely care for the greater good. They use their talents, skills, and network to change the world.


Their weapons of mass affection? Artists can mobilize billions of fans to become a force of good.


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Mr Beast Fresh Take Studios

How Cause Artist Mr Beast Inspires His 200+M Fans To Do Good?

Igor Beuker - November 16, 2023

Mr. Beast is not only the top YouTuber with an impressive net worth, but he is also an inspiring philanthropist and charitable cause artist who inspires 200+ million fans to be a force for...

Humanity & Social Innovation
BlackRock Forces Woke Marketing Strategies at Fortune500s - Igor-Beuker-Futurist-Marketing- Keynote-Speaker

How Do ESG & CEI Force Woke Marketing On Fortune 500s?

Igor Beuker - June 5, 2023

How do ESG & Corporate Equality Index (CEI) force Fortune 500s to woke marketing strategies? Big brands are taking big risks and taking huge blows. Billions of dollars in market value can be vaporized...

Humanity & Social Innovation
China's CBDC or Chinese Yuan digital currency- Futurist Igor Beuker

Why Is China Changing Course on Crypto, Web3 & Metaverse?

Igor Beuker - June 4, 2023

After my talks, people ask me: “Why is China changing its Crypto course?” The real answers might get me in trouble again. Other related questions that are being asked during Q&As: “Is China ready...

FinTech. Blockchain. Crypto. NFT.
Seaspiracy Controversial Oceans Documentary Netflix - IGOR-BEUKER-KEYNOTE-SPEAKER

Go See Seaspiracy: The Controversial Oceans Documentary On Netflix

Igor Beuker - March 31, 2021

Being a social innovation speaker and an ocean activist, I couldn’t wait to see Seaspiracy – the controversial Oceans documentary on Netflix. Seaspiracy is not only exposing the global fishing industry and slavery in...

Humanity & Social Innovation