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Imagining The Future of Smart Wearable Technology

Remember the history of smart wearable technology? Google Glass, Pebble smartwatch, Fitbit fitness tracker, and the Apple Watch. The market is expected to continue growing, with a focus on areas such as healthcare, sports, and entertainment. In the future, it will transform lives. From in-body chips to Neuralink curing chronic diseases and artificial wombs near 2030. Technology can empower or control humanity, so vote ‘dystopians’ out.


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Wearable In Travel: KLM Launches Android Smartwatch App - by Igor Beuker, Pro Public Speaker, Author & Awakener

Wearable In Travel: KLM Launches Android Smartwatch App

Igor Beuker - March 11, 2015

Ready for take-off? KLM is showcasing brands how wearable tech and the smartwatch can be helping and hyping at the same time. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has just launched a trial with Android smartwatch...

Smart Wearable Technology