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Category: FinTech. Blockchain. Crypto. NFT.

Imagining The Future of FinTech, Blockchain, Crypto, NFT


How will Industry 4.0 impact the future of FinTech, finance, banking, fintech, blockchain, crypto, and NFT?


Young Investors Are Already Calling Bitcoin “Boomer Coin.” Of course, Governments, Wall Street, Banks, the FED, and the SEC are trying to curb blockchain, crypto, and NFTs. Power to the people, smart contracting, and transparency are changing value chains and destroying existing business models.


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How Industry4.0 Will Disrupt The Future Of Finance, Banking & FinTech?

Igor Beuker - November 5, 2021

How Industry4.0 will impact the future of finance, banking, fintech, blockchain, crypto, and NFT? A keynote speech I have been delivering at many finance and fintech summits and conferences lately. CFO and Controllers Magazine...

FinTech. Blockchain. Crypto. NFT.