igor beuker

Category: Big Data

Marketing used to be an art, now it’s a science too. Big-data? May the math be with you.
We are living in a crucial moment in history – a turning point for the world. We have entered the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Experts also call it the era of Digital Darwinism: adapt to change, or die.
Digital Darwinism is the phenomenon in which trends, technologies, consumers and society evolve faster than established brands can adapt. It’s a fate that also threatens governments, institutions, and all other corporate organizations. Today, tomorrow and in the unforeseeable future.
Most established brands and Fortune 500s understand that they require next-level change and reinvention now. So now is the time for a radical strategy and bold forward-thinking.
In this category, brands and business can learn about the benefits of Big-Data and how to create data-driven digital marketing strategies.
The award-winning marketing innovation framework I use: Mad Men vs. Math Men – Advertising may win quarters, innovation wins decades.