Beemup has created international headliner speaker Igor Beuker as one of the first-ever TEDx VR Keynote Speakers.

COVID-19 is an ongoing disaster for the event and public speaking industry. The global pandemic is forcing global business events and keynote speakers to pivot from live on stage to virtual events.

Beam me up, Scotty. Is Virtual Reality the future of public speaking and international business conferences?

Once science fiction, now a reality?

Discover The Making-Of  – Igor Beuker As One Of The First-Ever TEDx Virtual Reality Speakers

On October 10th, 2020, TEDx Nijmegen launched its event The Great TransformationWe Can Change Climate Change. The line-up existed of 8 amazing speakers. All turned into virtual avatars.

For the event, TEDx Nijmegen partnered with Beemup. A new, online marketplace where businesses can book and live-stream hyper-realistic virtual talks, conferences, and panel discussions with top-class speakers.

Join Beemup and Igor Beuker backstage to discover the making-of a VR Keynote Speaker:


My team and I were pleasantly surprised about the uptake of this making-of video. It’s doing pretty okay on YouTube.

People seem to be curious about AR / VR/ MR / XR and virtual speaking. That’s good. I like virtual worlds, so I’m ready to explore more.

This is the full keynote. It was released to the world 4 months after the making-of video.

The talk is called: Imagination Sparks Social Innovation.

It’s about Tech in the right hands and about human-inspired social innovation.


Igor Beuker Keynote Speaker & Futurist: I Love to Inspire Social Innovation

In his talk for TEDx, Igor Beuker presented his keynote: Imagination Sparks Social Innovation. How technology and the exponential technologies under the hood of Industry4.0 can help make our world a cleaner, brighter fairer place.

The VR talks will be released by TEDx and TED by the end of November 2020.

In 20 years live on stage as a headliner speaker, Igor Beuker is clearly a misfit on a mission.

Beuker is notorious for his energetic, bold, witty, and purposeful personality, driven to solve the world’s biggest challenges through social innovation.

With 5 exits and as an angel investor in 24 social enterprises, he walks the talk as a social innovator and a social entrepreneur. Previously, Beuker’s mission already earned the attention of Novak Djokovic and Sir Richard Branson.

In 2018, the Novak Djokovic Foundation invited Beuker to be the headliner speaker at the Dare to Be Different conference in Belgrade, Serbia. Watch the mini-documentary of this trip:


In 2019, Sir Richard Branson invited Beuker to speak at the One Future Summit on Necker Island. A global summit about the impact of Big Tech & AI on Longevity & Life Science.

In 2020, Beuker was again invited by Team Branson. This time to speak about his future vision on social entrepreneurship at the Ultramarine Ocean Action Summit on Necker Island.

Rapper Travis Scott Wows The World In Fortnite

In 2020, the music and game industry joined forces with a next-level virtual experience. It was rapper Travis Scott who performed in Fortnite, luring in almost 30 million fans!

The partnership was an eye-opener for everyone in sports, media, entertainment, and events. See Scott in Fortnite here:


We are curious how Beuker sees the future of Virtual Public Speaking? When we asked, Beuker smiled and explained:

After 20 years live on stage, I jumped from the podium to the television screen. I still do 150 talks each year. I have always loved visual and visceral storytelling, because it sparks imagination. Now I’m jumping the stage as a VR avatar. And soon, I expect to explore more immersive virtual worlds. We have been delivering broadcasted keynotes since 2012, so I’m happy with these new virtual opportunities. But, nothing beats live on stage for me. I love to light up venues and to connect with audiences around the globe.

We hope that you enjoyed the backstage tour and this making-of. And that you will enjoy the upcoming VR TEDx talks.

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Igor Beuker

In the spotlights, Igor Beuker is a professional public speaker and futurist known for his foresight on trends and technologies that impact business, economy, and society. Behind the scenes, a social entrepreneur with 5 exits and angel investments in 24 social startups, an award-winning marketing strategist for brands like Amazon, L’Oréal, Nike, and Unilever, and a seer for Fortune 500s, organizations, foundations, and governments.